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 Year  Who  Information
1950  Al Goldstein   State singles Champion
 1950 Larry Covin State runner-up
 1950  Al Goldstein and Larry Covin  State  doubles Champions


Boys Basketball 

 1925       City Champions
 1932  City Champions
 1933  Region V Champions,  State runner-up, Don Griffin named to all-state team
 1938  Region V Champions,  State runner-up
 1948  City Champions
 1952  City Champions, Twin City Champions,  Mickey Bearman – all city basketball
 1954  City Champions, Twin City Champions
 1958  City Champions
 1963  City Champions, Twin City Champions
 1971  City Champions
 1972   City Champions, Region 5 Champions

City Champions, Region 5AA Champions,

State AA Champions (#1)

 1981  City Champions, Region 5AA Champions
 1982  City Champions, Region 5AA Champions
 1983  City Champions, Region 5AA Champions
1984  City Champions, Region 5AA Champions,
 990  City Champions, Region 5AA Champions,


State Runner up

1996 City Champions, Region 5AA Champions


Sweet 16 State Champions (#2)


 City Champions, Region 5AA Champions

Sweet 16 State Champions (#3)


 City Champions, Region 5AA Champions 

State 4A Champions (#4)

1999 City Champions, Region 5AAAA Champions
2000 City Champions, Region 5AAAA Champions
2001 City Champions, Region 5AAAA Champions
2002 City Champions, Region 5AAAA Champions
2003 City Champions, Region 5AAAA Champions
2004 State 4A Champions (#5)

Taylor, Davis & Henderson named to All-state tournament team

82-73 vs Osseo, first double OT in 4A history

 2005  City Champions and runner up at Region V championship, Lost 53-47 to Mounds View

Lady Polar’s Basketball

 1975-1976              Ardana Gross: All City and WCCO All State Team
 1977-1978  City Champions
 1978-1979  Region five champions, State tournament participant
 1979-1980 Region five champions, State tournament participant
 1996-1997  State Runner-up 
 1997-1998  State Champions I
 1998-1999  State Champions II
1999-2000  State Runner-up
 2000-2001 Region 5 Champions, State tournament participant

State Runner-up 

 2002-2003 State Champions I
State Champions II

Front Row: (left) – Markaja C.,Maurika C., Chanica H.,
Middle Row: (left) – Paris W., Maya B., Tasha B., Tyrai. B, Mia J.,
Back  Row: (left) Daria F., Tanika M., Catrice W.,& Charmaine C. 


State Champions III

 Baseball at North High.

This is the team photo of the 1908 Baseball Team

 1940 City champions
 1941 City champions
 1942 City champions
 1943 City champions, fourth year in a row!


1941-1942   W. Harry Davis
 1942 yearbook  


Boys Cross Country

1948 Bill Torp, State Champion.

Set the school record in the one mile: 4:20

 1972  Dewane Pagel, School record three mile: 14:59
 1976  City Champions

Paul Riddle, School record three mile: (time unk)

 1977  Joe Griffin, City Champion (time unk)


National Champions!!! 

 City Champions
City Champins
National Champions 
Top row: A. J. Casey, Ralph Leighton, Coach Dr. Burgan, Fred Chicken, Col. F. B. Lees, U. S. army retired, team captain
Middle row: E. Swenson, H. Turner, L. Armstrong, Art Randall, E. F. Dikeman.
Bottom row: F. D. Casey, Bill Kurke, Knaeble 
 Twin City Champions
 City Champions
City Champions
City Champions
Undefeated, tied city championship with Central, lost by coin toss.
Three way tie for city champions
David Solkovits, class of 1949 – all city football center
City Champions
City Champions and won Twin City Championship
Region Five Champions


City Champions

City Champions


City Champions


City Champions


  13 State Championships!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 1927  City Champions
 1928  Northwest Champions
 1937  Northwest Champions
 1939  Class B Northwest Champions
 1941  Northwest Champions
 1942  State Champions
 1943  State Champions
 1945  State Champions
 1946  Class D State Champions
 1948  State Champions
 1949  State Champions
 1953  State Champions
 1955  State Champions
 1957  State Champions
 1958  State Champions
 1959  State Champions
 1960  State Champions
1962  State Champions
1966  Second in Regions
1975   Region Champions


1917  City Champions



1935-1936 City Champions
 1936-1937 City Champions
 1937-1938 City Champions
 1939-1940 Co-City Champions,  State Runner-ups
 1940-1941  State Runner-ups
 1941-1942 State Champions
 1942-1943 City Champions, Twin City Champions
 1944-1945 City Champions
 1947-1948 City Champions
 1948-1949 City Champions
1952-1953  Co-City Champions

Don Cassidy: City Jumping Champion


Jim Brandt: City jumping Champion

 1955-1956 City Champions
1956-1957 City Champions

Carl Bohlin, State Cross Country Ski Champion

 1958-1959 City Champions

Clyde Brodt: State Jumping Champion

 1959-1960 State Champions
 1963-1964 Wade Britzius, State and Central United States X-C ski champion
 1964-1965 City Champions

Ron Jacobson: State X-C Champion

 1965-1966 District 17 Champions

Laurel Gulbranson: Dist. 17 X-C Champion

Andy Desmond: City Jumping Champion  
1976-1977 City Champions, Section 3 Champions


 Title  State Diving Champion: John Konkel



 1950  Al Goldstein   State singles Tennis Champ
 1951  Larry Covin and Jack Fithian   State Doubles Runner-up



1904 State Champions 1
1909 State Champions 2

Levi Hall, tied state record for 220, 0:23:0

also set city record in 100 yard dash, 0:10:0

1911 Lost city championship by 1/4 point.

W. Hamilton tied city record for 220, 0:23:0

1914 H. Carrier: City record shot put, 45′ 4-1/2″
1915  B. Eckberg: record low hurdles, 0:26:03
1916 K. Stone: record broad jump: 21′ 11-1/2″
1919 W. Naused: city records for:
  • half mile, 2:02:2
  • 1/4 mile, 0:52
  • 440 yard, 0:52
1927  Clarence Tromanhauser: Co-State Champion pole vaulter.

Clarence (Biggie) Munn: State Champion record shot put, 48′ 5-3/4″.

1928  City Champions, lost state by 1/2 point.

Leonard Seklund: State Champion pole vaulter, 11′ 7/8″.

Clarence (Biggie) Munn:

  • state record javelin, 174′ 4″
  • shot put
  • 100 yard dash
1934  Everett Lawrence: State Champion pole vault, 12′
1942 City Champions lost State to Washburn

Ralph Ferrin: state record 880, 1:59:1

Tom Sullivan: record one mile 4:44:6

Dick Morrow: city record high jump, 6′

Jim Benson: tied record low hurdles, 0:24:4

1947 City Champions (Lost state by one point)

Bill Torp: State champion mile, 4:38:6

Ronnie Barnes: State Champion 880, 2:02:01

John Dryer: State Champion 220 (time unkown)

Bolinger: State Champion low hurdles (time unknown)

Riley: State Champion discus

1949  State Champions 3
1960 Joel Locketz: City Champion Discus
1965  Clyde Wade: State Champion:
  • 100 yard dash
  • 220 yard

Team State record 880 yard relay, 1:29:0

1976 Terry Lewis: City Champion 220 yard, 0:21.9

also, Region champion:

  • 100 yard dash
  • 220 yard
1978 Twin City Indoor Champions
1979 440 relay, 0:43.8

Doug Braziel, Darryell Whitson, Glenn Thompson, Tony Whitson

Doug Braziel, sophmore 100yd 10.0

Darryell Whitson, sophmore 100yd 10.0

Darryell Whitson, sophmore record IM hurdles 0:49.2

1980 Region V Champions
1981 Redd Overton: State Champion 400 meter

Robert Berry, Frank Robinson, John Wiley and Redd Overton

State Champion, mile relay

Team finished third overall at State

1983 Crawford, Gil, McNeal, Robinson: State Champions 440 yard relay
1986 Dan Bannister: State Champion high jump and holds the state 300m hurdles state record.
 003 Antwon Simmons: State Champion 200 Meter 21:59

Tommy Ray: 2nd place State 400 meter 49:25


1988-89   City Champions



Womens GAA (before organized competition)




1920-1921 North High Monogram WInners: Cora Carlson, Melva Block, Evelyn Brooks, Rose Abromowitz, Evangeline Hollenbeck

Two women, Gertrude Schupple and Bernice Smeby earned 1000 points and loving cups.
 Loving Cup winner Gertrude Schupple  Loving Cup WInner Bernice Smaby

These two were considered the greatest female athletes of the year.  Old yearbooks records indicate that Smeby participated in volleyball and skating.

G.A.A. Senior Women’s Baseball Team

Five other females earned 600 points, which earned them the North High School Girls Monogram.  Those women were Cora Carlson, Melva Block, Evelyn Brooks, Rose Abromowitz and Evangeline Hollenbeck.

Brooks earned her point through participating in baseball and volleyball.

Hollenbeck earned her awards in track and volleyball.  Carlson was the tennis champion of North.

Florence Berman was the North champion in tennis


G.A.A. Freshmen Volleyball Team and represented North in the conference tournament.  Tennis is the only women’s sport where a conference champion is determined.

 1921-22 G.A.A. North High Monogram winners: Alice Maciejewski, Milly Steinberg, Norma Theilen, Marion Gardin, Ethel Goldberg, Esther Haverson, Viola Rice, Marvel Howe, Helen Hardenbergh North Tennis Champion Florence Berman

The track meet was held March 1, 1922.  Florence Beck won the high jump (4’4”) and Vault Jump (6’11), Martha Kell won the running Broad Jump (12’5”).  Marvel Howe won the Hop-Step-Jump (29’3 ½”) and the Vault Jump (6’11”).  Lila Labovitz won the two-hand basketball throw (37’3”0.  Helen Hardenberg won the one-arm basketball throw (37”).