The following alumni are recognized by a scholarship or dedication for their contributions to society following graduation.

Col. Franklin B. Lees, 1908

  • 1907 National Football Champions Academic Scholarship Award.
  • Most Athletic Awards to a boy and girl.


Frank Fust, 1933

  • The Frank Fust Baseball Scholarship Award.


Harriet Madigan (Teacher)

  • The Harriet Madigan Academic Scholarship Award.
  • The Madigan Media Center.


Jerry Teener, 1935

  • The Teener Creative Arts Fund.


John Jacobi (Teacher)

  • The John Jacobi Academic Scholarship Award.
  • The Jacobi Gymnasium (sponsored by the Class of 1934).


Lorelei Hjermstadt, 1935

  • The Lorelei Performing Arts fund.


Theodore Paulfranz, 1938

  • The Ted Paulfranz Community Service Award.


Wilbur Houchin, 1935

  • Houchin Fund for needy students.

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