Every five years, as summertime nears. An announcement arrives in the mail.

A reunion is planned: it’ll be real grand; Make plans to attend without fail.

The NorthNews  is a great way to advertise your reunion.  One entry at their website – (http://nenorthnews.com/) will reach surrounding communities through their several papers..  It’s a great way to reach people that are still local (or whose parents/siblings are still local) with your reunion details.

The Class of 1891

The Class of 1911 This photo was taken in 1961
The Class of 1931 in 2006
 photo taken 6-23-06
Might be the first 75th reunion from North High School
 The Class of 1948
Class of 1959 in 2004
The Class of 1972
                                                                                  Photo taken 10/11/1997
                                                                  25th North High School Reunion Planning Committee
            The Class of 1972
Photo of the Cake at their 30th High School Reunion
                                                                                      Taken in 2002
                                                                           (additional photos coming soon)
The Class of 1994 in 2004

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